Social and Emotional Characteristics of First- to Third-Graders?

Answer When young children first enter the school system, they undergo a variety of social and emotional changes that help them learn how to interact with peers, follow directions and be personally accoun... Read More »

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Recycling Projects for Third Graders in Social Studies?

Social studies is a school subject that teaches students about the world around them. For third-grade students, it may be difficult to truly understand certain concepts about the world. If you want... Read More »

Social Studies Smart Board Activities for Third Graders?

A smart board is an engaging tool for instructing young children. Smart board use encourages student participation and cultivates interest. Activities for social studies can be designed using inter... Read More »

Characteristics of First Graders?

A student's first grade year is full of excitement, rigor and hard work. First graders have successfully completed their first year of school and are ready for the challenges the new year brings. K... Read More »

Things to Do With Third Graders on the First Day of School?

The first day of school can be stressful for everyone, but it can also be a lot of fun. Some students may be shy or nervous. Some may be in a new school or new part of the building. It will take th... Read More »