Social Survey. Help me, please!!!?

Answer well i myself would like to see the price if i was going to get a program, there is nothing worse than, going to a site and free this and free that and by the time you get to the down load part. th... Read More »

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My Daily Name Survey: Please Help Me!?

1. Amy Josephine2. Keke [Kee-kee] 3. Lyra Danielle4. Briar [for blue]5. ?6. STAR! :D

My Daily Name Survey: Please Help!?

1. Juliet Rosana2. Its a little long but nice 73. Sierra Misty hahaha4. Blake (it means black!)5. James Michael (my current haha)6. Alaina7. Maybe celeb themed stuff or movie themed stuff8. ... Read More »

Please Help - Need to complete Survey for school. How many trees do you have in your back yard?

ok well.. I live in the woods.. on a 3 acre lot of property.. so i have roughly 150 trees in my yardMy neighbor behind me has about a thousand trees on his lot cuz he owns about 15 acresMy neighbor... Read More »

Should i put my social security number on fraud alert PLEASE HELP!!!?

An official fraud alert requires a bit more serious event to happen.Although you have concerns about the data in transit, the more serious aspect would be the end-point: you have no way of knowing ... Read More »