Social Studies Class Projects?

Answer Social studies is an important part of the school curriculum, credited with teaching students how to be civic-minded individuals in a global society. Unfortunately, due to high-stakes testing and ... Read More »

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Social Studies Projects for Social Studies Fairs?

The human race is fascinating to study. Over the course of several thousand years of human history, there are an unfathomable number of stories to be told. From the invention of the printing press ... Read More »

How to Use Stories in Social Studies Class?

Prior to written languages, storytelling was relied upon as the main method of teaching history. Though today's history teachers have libraries of textbooks, online databases, newspaper archives, h... Read More »

How to Pass Social Studies Class?

Passing Social Studies class is not hard at all. In fact, it's actually pretty easy if you try your best and work hard at it.

Social Studies Assessment Tools for an Elementary Class?

Assessment is necessary across all subject levels and grades. In the elementary social studies classroom, teachers have a options of tools to reveal what students have learned about a certain topic... Read More »