Social Structures in America?

Answer Social theory prescribes that society is composed of different groups and individuals that have a pattern of relationships with one another. The organizations of these individuals or groups, which ... Read More »

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Why are structures made of wood or steel more likely to survive strong ground shaking than structures made of brick or concretre?

im no engineerbut i would say steel and wood have the trait of movementbricks and concrete are basically "glued" together and are strong as a supporti suggest that a "brick" the size of a family ca... Read More »

Social Studies Projects on Colonial America?

One of the best tools for teaching middle school students about colonial America is to have them work with special projects. These can bring the whole view of social studies to a more understandabl... Read More »

External Structures of the Eye?

The eyes are organs that allow sight by detecting light and sending signals to the brain through the optic nerve. In addition to the senses of touch, smell, taste, and hearing, eyesight links the b... Read More »

Common Organization Structures?

Different organizations use different organizational structures. Managers should be aware of the common organizational structures so that they can understand how employees are arranged in each spec... Read More »