Social Security System Definition?

Answer Born from the turbulent economic times of the 1930s, social security has become a pivotal social policy for virtually every nation. While many think of social security as a government-sponsored ret... Read More »

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What is the Social Security system?

According to the AFL-CIO, the Social Security system is a source of "guaranteed income" for retired persons, the families of deceased workers and disabled persons. Approximately 47 million people r... Read More »

Who invented the Social Security system?

Congress passed the Social Security Act of 1935 during the term of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Social Security payments went into effect in 1942 to workers who reached 65 that year. Social Security's in... Read More »

Philippine Social Security System Benefits?

The Philippine Social Security System was created in 1972. Republic Act No. 1161, which is known as Social Security Law, outlines the requirements and benefits associated with the program. The admi... Read More »

Do congressmen pay into the social security system?

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), members of Congress--including both the President and Vice President--must pay into Social Security. The SSA began requiring members of Congre... Read More »