Social Problems Affecting Students & Schools?

Answer Much of what goes on in society leaks into the school system, impacting students and their learning experience. Resolving and avoiding such problems begins with identification and awareness. School... Read More »

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Social Problems in Schools?

Students learn to build friendships and interact socially with kids and adults while at school. However, friendships and social expectations often lead to stress in adolescents, especially students... Read More »

Social Factors Affecting Retail Business?

Social factors that affect the retail business come in a broad range of categories. Most importantly, there are key factors that retailers must make themselves aware of when trying to decide where ... Read More »

Factors Affecting Part Time University Students?

Students who attend university part time face challenges and benefits that are different than full-time students. According to Salme Harju Steinberg, president emeritus of Northeastern Illinois Uni... Read More »

The Factors Affecting the Study Habits of Nursing Students?

Studying is a requirement of nursing programs as students have a vast amount of knowledge they must obtain in a short period of time. This requires memorization of medical terms, calculation of me... Read More »