Social Moral Relativism & the Theory of Ethics?

Answer Social moral relativism is a position in metaethics claiming that moral truth is relative to a particular group. While some philosophers adhere to this view, it is not a widely held position, and i... Read More »

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How to Develop Moral & Social Ethics in Schools?

The information and academic skills a student learns in the classroom are just a small part of his overall education. In school, he also learns how to be a responsible human; it is the school's job... Read More »

Ethics & Moral Conduct?

Throughout history, people have struggled with what is right and how people can act morally. Ethics is the branch of philosophy that is concerned with questions of what is good and what is bad. Ma... Read More »

Ethics & Moral Responsibility?

People have always been concerned with right and wrong, and sought to fulfill their obligations to do good. Over the years, philosophers have stepped forward with a number of different theories tha... Read More »

Ethics and Moral Development?

The question of acting morally, or 'doing the right thing,' has been around as long as human civilization. The branch of philosophy known as ethics deals exclusively with the debate between good an... Read More »