Soars in My Mouth from braces?

Answer You can get special wax from your ortho, and you put it on your brace (the part which is giving you the sore).It's really good and works everytime for me!

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Is my mouth forming around my braces..?

It sounds like you are getting mouth ulcers or canker sores, where the braces are rubbing the inside of your mouth. If your orthodontist gave you dental wax, put that on top of the bracket or wire ... Read More »

Do braces cause a metallic taste in your mouth?

Yes, but only in certain people. The majority of people who get braces will not experience a metallic taste, but some may taste metal due to corrosion of the metal or certain medicines that may cau... Read More »

Braces leaving cuts and marks on the inside of my mouth?

If they gave you the wax use it, honestly it does help, just rub it over the whole brace and it will help your mouth to not get stuck to them!

Ok i got my braces ob today and also i got the expanders put in the roof of my mouth.?

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