Soars in My Mouth from braces?

Answer You can get special wax from your ortho, and you put it on your brace (the part which is giving you the sore).It's really good and works everytime for me!

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If you have braces, does getting hit in the mouth hurt more?

Yes, you can get stabbed and sliced by braces if you get hit in the mouth, but thing is that you get used to it and your inner mouth toughens up, if you know you will be hit though check your mouth... Read More »

Is my mouth forming around my braces..?

It sounds like you are getting mouth ulcers or canker sores, where the braces are rubbing the inside of your mouth. If your orthodontist gave you dental wax, put that on top of the bracket or wire ... Read More »

What should i eat right now i just got my braces on yersterday anf my mouth is hurting a lot :(?

Make sure to use your dental wax especially toward the back if you are going to be eating. I just got mine on Wednesday, and I ate regularly. Of course there is the normal things such as pudding,... Read More »

Do braces hurt and do they bother your mouth?

only when you get new bands for the first 4 months or dentist told me what to do if they hurt...(take some tylenol)...and if they're hurting my cheeks like cutting (orthodontist wax...)