Soaking Marijuana in oil no cooking?

Answer 3-4 weeks. Grind the weed up real fine. Just use enough oil to just cover the weed in a glass jar..Keep it a dark cool place ans shake it up a little every day. Strain it through a tea strainer and... Read More »

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Marijuana Butter Cooking help!?

that deep fryer will work...put in butter...melt...add herb and cook until desired extraction...TIP - open windows and put large window fans in them...turn on high and have them pointing outdoors..... Read More »

Is cooking sherry used just like infused cooking oils?

No. Oils and alcohols have two different functions. For example alcohols are frequently used to de-glaze a pan to start to use the burnt on goodies as the basis of a sauce or a gravy.

British Food Cooking Question: Does anyone have any good recipes for cooking...?

Yeah, I think that goes really good with a dose of extra strength penicillin.*cries because spots are uber creepy!*

What is the difference between cooking methods and cooking processes?

A cooking method is the method that you actually cook or not cook the food or meal. For example:freeze (as in desserts)cure, preserve, roast, grill, saute, boil, steam, brine, pickle, dry (or dehyd... Read More »