So...Nikon or Canon Is there a better brand camera?

Answer You've got the right idea, there really are only 2 choices -- Nikon and Canon. It really comes down to preference after that. I personally like Canon, but the reason I went with Canon in the first ... Read More »

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Which is the better brand for camera, nikon or canon?

Hey eizneir,This is almost the ultimate question in great photography today. I grew up using an excellent Canon EOS SLR camera -- but now use a Nikon DSLR for most of my photography. Both took ex... Read More »

What Camera brand is better Canon or Nikon?

Nikon, Sony, Canon, Pentax, Leica, Hasselblad etc etc all make great cameras. Go to a local camera shop and try out the Rebel T3 and Nikon D3100 & D3200. Nat Geo photographers use the Canon 5DIII, ... Read More »

Which camera brand is better. Sony, canon or nikon?

I would rather say that you need to go with Sony as Sony has there own manufactured lenses and for the cameras that it doesn't have the lenses in that case it uses the Carl zeiss lenses which is a ... Read More »

Which digital camera brand is better sony or canon?

Canon, because Sony uses their own special memory stick that you can only use with Sony, and its ANNOYING. But Canon uses a SD card which is much more universal.And anyway the canon cameras are bet... Read More »