So who corked this bottle of wine?

Answer I can suck a watermelon through a garden hose. Bring the bottle on over and I will get that mofo out, no problem!

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How to Tell if Wine Is Corked?

Although a popular belief, having cork in the wine doesn't mean that it is corked.Concerned about that rank odor in your wine? Find out if it's corked (suffers from cork taint) or otherwise ruined,... Read More »

Should bottled red wine be corked or have a screw cap?

It does not matter to me, just so I can enjoy a glass before bed is all that matters and not that I drink it every day, but when I want it I do not care, some do, some don't. The cork is supposed ... Read More »

How much is a water bottle, wine bottles, soda cans and juice cartoons worth at the bottle depot.?

Depending on where you are, what state....Depends on what deposit it says on the bottles-noting too, they must be washed,c leaned before reaping such deposit, usually .05-.10 per can or bottleIf y... Read More »

When someone comes to your house for dinner and brings a bottle of wine, do you open their bottle or yours?

The assumption is that a brought wine is a gift for the hostess/host. The host usually selects a wine to pair with the menu plan. Therefore you open your bottle of wine. I usually handle the situat... Read More »