So which do u think is the best windows xp r vista?

Answer Xp, theres more imaging related software to download.

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I am looking for a new computer what do you all think is the best windows xp or vista?

Ignore everyone saying go for XP.Support for XP will end in June 2009, so that mean no more security updates, no more service packs etc, and if you are looking at a 3 year+ PC then you wan't all th... Read More »

Which one is best among windows xp , vista , and 7?

No, statistically Windows Vista is better, faster, and more secure. • Windows Aero: Windows Vista features a totally different look for its interface—a cleaner, transparent look with impressive... Read More »

POLL QUESTION:which is best windows XP or vista?

XP, i have vista and trust me it is no good. not good for installing software, has bugs, mostly only thing is some parts look better,apart from that its rubbish, i keep getting pop ups on the inte... Read More »

I went to best buy and asked the guy which i should upgrade to windows xp or vista?

Well i think what the guy told u is 100% right ! i have used vista and it got plenty of errors in it ! so i reinstalled XP again !wait for about another year till they resolve all the problems they... Read More »