So where do all the phone info companies go for the info that they sell the people?

Answer No, they don't have the information you want - it's just another spam scam. Anything they can provide you can be found on your own, by Googling and placing a few discrete phone calls, for less money.

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On the fafsa, I entered my mom's tax info and it skipped mine. Why won't it let me input my info?

Yea, I dont know why FASFA does that...if you enter your parent's info it won't let you enter yours, but honestly, that's good because you are a dependent of her, so, therefore it only takes her in... Read More »

I want to sell my old PC's but how can i completely erase my Personal Info?

Data on you're hard drive can still be retrieve even if you completely erase everything.Anytime you delete anything off you're computer, the data is still there.The computer just made your files in... Read More »

What are these (Phone Info)?

You apparently don't know the difference between land line and cell phone. Post your question in the correct category.

I have a samsung intinct hd phone and i need to know how to edit title and artists info for music on the phone?

i dont think it will be possible thru ur phone.