So what do you guys think about Facebook?

Answer well, i heard it was better than myspace

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Is Facebook working for you guys?

Nope. It'sbeing suuuuuuuuuper slow. I actually came on here, Y!A, to see if it was just me haha. Actually, there's a site that can tell you if somethings down. The url is:isup. meYou have to take o... Read More »

Is facebook working for you guys right now?

Ok wtf!!!!! HELP GUYS NOWWWWW!!! facebook related!?

If a guy likes you, he WILL let you know that. He'll find a way to get your number or get to know you better, even if it's pretty drastic (you might remember the story of a guy who saw the girl of ... Read More »

Liking a guys Facebook picture...yes or no ?

Yeah of course its ok! Why would you add him if you're not going to have any type of communication? And you know him. If you like one of his pictures, then like it!I rarely add random guys to my FB... Read More »