So this lady on Tyra today....?

Answer I don't see how it does or would? It would be charged with electricity, but with the phone not being connected I don't see how it's still considered to be using electricity. Just my opinion.

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Did that lady win the top prize on pay the rent today on the price is right?

They play the same games, just substitute the normal top money prize with a higher amount. The $100,000 was the top prize amount for the game she played.

Who was the young lady in the Navy uniform in the USMA Glee Club on ESPN today and why was she there?

In the episode Nice Lady what is the song which Lady Penelope dance on the table in the bar just before Will's fight?

No it's a very good series. The critics just don't like anything creative, and maybe the plot is a little too complicated for their tiny brains to comprehend.

A lady at work has hair growing on her chin and neck. what is this she is a lady, she has had 2 kids.?

buy her some serious skin care liquid laser and post laser from HSN and a laser pen and find a way to give it to her privately or anonymously. Maybe she can't see good and someone told her its the... Read More »