So someone smart out there tell me!!!?

Answer yeah it will end up giving arthritis in the long run but i am not sure about the neck because i was wondering the same thing,all i know is that they are both very bad habits To produce the clicki... Read More »

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What all qualities make a TV Smart and tell me how can I get a Smart tv with 3d quality.?

While you purchase a 3DTV you should look for the smart tv functions like home dash board, magic motion remote control, premium content, smart share, web browser. All these features contribute to a... Read More »

Is there any way to tell if someone put a type tracker on the computer?

If it's a simple one that they downloaded off the internet then your antivirus software should catch it. If its a really advanced one then you can't really tell.

Are there parents out there that adopted but didn't tell the child Why did you choose to tell or not to tell?

I don't see why not. When two people marry, the women sometimes wants to keep her maiden name but also take his name, so she takes both last names and hyphens them. Or I have even seen a single mom... Read More »

Can someone tell if there are decent tasting prepackaged diabetic snacks?

What types of snacks are you interested in ?I use the single serve dried apricots so I know when I have had a serving.Popcorn is 15 carbs for 3 cups popped.Fruits and single serving yogurts are gre... Read More »