So my parents won't pay for college?

Answer Student loans. I'm sure you could find a partial scholarship with your grades.

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What to do if your parents wont pay for college tuition?

If your parents refuse to give their information,then you can request an override from the school. It's up to the school whether they choose to approve or deny you. If you are approved, you will ... Read More »

How can you get money for college if you are 19 and your parents wont pay, you have no credit, and no job?

federal student loans like the Unsubsidized Stafford loan require no credit check and no cosigner. She can get them by applying at http://fafsa.ed.govShe will need to enter her mother and stepfath... Read More »

My parents wont let me get a webcam. . .?

You're only 13. A webcam is not appropriate for you. Your parents are in charge. Please respect their wishes.

How do you get a cell phone but your parents wont let you get one?

well u should always be good and maybe thay will let u so me perfect!