So my computer screen's cracked.?

Answer Once the monitor is busted its busted and there is nothing you can do to fix it other than replacing the monitor, you can go to your local pc shops and purchase a monitor for pretty cheap or even g... Read More »

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My IPod touch 4G Screens cracked ?

you should call the apple company and if your warranty hasnt expired you can get a new iPod touch but if it has expired, you could get it fixed but it'll cost you

FAQ on Computer LCD Screens?

The advent of liquid crystal display (LCD) computer screens marks a breakthrough in the technology of displaying electronic images on a screen. The mechanics of LCD monitors does not improve on the... Read More »

Magnifying Computer Screens?

Computers have a number of different features and available accessories which will allow you to magnify what is on the screen, enhancing your reading and viewing experience. Magnification is acces... Read More »

How are computer screens made?

the basic part is a large glass bubblethere is a fancy mesh screen at the front viewing areathere is something called an electron gun at the backits a very high voltage potential , the electrons ar... Read More »