So is anyone else feeling the heat today?

Answer Not here, we have 27 degrees . brrrrrr

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If you are feeling down today...........?

I was till I read the rest of your question. If laughter is the best medicine then bring it on and I hope I can keeping laughing till the end of my days. Cheers for that.

How are u feeling today?

I'm in pain, but otherwise I'm doing alright. How about you?

I am feeling lucky today, Google?

The answer is yes. Since you are feeling lucky, finding good fortune is within Google's feature set. Type Ctrl-☽ on your laptop keyboard into the Google Search field. Click, "I'm feeling lucky... Read More »

Feeling sad today what can i do to make myself happy again?

Hi Sonia,Sorry you're feeling sad.I hope that whatever is making you feel that way gets sorted out very fast for you.Meantime here is something that might raise a smile:http://www.smoothmarketplace... Read More »