So im 21 i live in California male i was drunk and went to the park ?

Answer If they tell on you, with kids most likely you could be charged. I would find a way of clearing your name before the police go looking for you - like telling the police what happened and promising... Read More »

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Im 16 and weigh 135 (male), how many shots of vadka about, till i get drunk?

Did you see on the news what happened to that very nice 15 year old girl in the San Francisco area last week??Don't get drunk.

Which California law defines drunk driving?

The California law that defines drunk driving or DUI is California Vehicle Code VC 23152. This law states that it is illegal for an individual under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs to operate... Read More »

I'm 17 years old and live in an abusive house with my dad in California but want to live with my aunt even though my dad doesnt want me to what should I do?

Answer Talk to your dad about it.Try and make him understand why you want move out.If that doesn't work pray and contact your aunt and let her come over and talk to him..

We live in a small mobile home park governed by a Home Owners Association We have potlucks with live entertainment paid through a freewill donations Do we need to have BMI and or ASCAP licenses?

Live entertainment is performed by people who may or may not be affiliated with a licensing organization. Their business managers will explain what documentation you need, or what terms you must ag... Read More »