So i just got a new computer help?

Answer Hello Don't-Have - Do internal speakers connect 2 tower? May b there is some-thing else plugged -in there, that may mute speakers.

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I just bought a wireless printer and I need help connecting the second computer to it. Help?

You will have to install the software on all your computers

Help my computer just crashed?

A friend of mine would have solved this by running windows pe directly from the cd and access the hd's. If you have a spare pc just make up a cd copy of windows pe and boot it.Sorry the details are... Read More »

Help! I lost my computer sound just by unplugging speakers temporarily?

Vista is a little cranky when you switch from speakers to headphones and back.I see you've already rebooted.Hmm....OK. Put the green cable back in it's correct slot, make sure the Realtek HD Audio... Read More »

NO SOUND ON COMPUTER. I've tried just about everything. HELP?