So i drink red bull?

Answer We should file a class action law suit because I don't know about you but i want my freakin wings. Its ridiculous

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Is vodka and red-bull a "mans" drink or a womens drink.. I was just wondering... lol...?

What is the drink Red Bull exactly?

Red Bull is the brand name of an Austrian carbonated soft drink. Sold as an energy drink to combat mental and physical fatigue, it contains, per 250 ml serving, about 27 grams of sugar(glucose, suc... Read More »

How old do u have to be to drink red bull?

Red Bull is not an alcoholic beverage, so there is no age requirement.That said, I wouldn't let my kids going drinking it for the same reason I don't let them drink coffee, too many stimulants. My ... Read More »

When should I drink my Red Bull can?

Why do you need a can of caffine and sugar? Just stay up until 5 then go to the airport and nap on the plane. Why fill yourself with that rubbish,