So how long will my frostbite take to heal?

Answer well you now have a chemical burn so treat per any burn - burn cream from pharmacy / pain relief at regular intervalssee your Dr if a large burn

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How long will it take my burn to heal?

A least a week. Don't pop the blister. Real burns from a fire takemonths to heal; for the body to make new skin.

How long will it take for my strain to heal?

It can take several weeks for sure, and often longer.

How long will it take for a cut to heal naturally?

Anywhere from a week to 3 weeks, depending on the size of the cut, the deepness, and make sure you DO NOT pick at the scabs even if they itch this will cause the cut to take a longer time to heal.H... Read More »

How long will this take to heal..?

I've had to deal with that too! It sucks. Just get the shower head and rinse real well down there. That's all you can really do. And next time just use some baby wash or vagisil (which is what it's... Read More »