So, how long is a cucumber supposed to last with normal usage?

Answer As long as it stays nice and firm...

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What does the message""exceeds normal cpu usage""mean on windows xp?

The central processing unit, also known as the processor allows a computer to run programs smoothly. If a program drains too much of the processor's resources, the computer will display a message t... Read More »

Is this supposed to be normal?

Glandular problems where there is a ph imbalance in the saliva can cause mouth sores and ph imbalance can occur during your period. There should be test kits for ph levels at your local drugstore p... Read More »

After childbirth and frequent usage, does the wizard's sleeve eventually return to normal?

I like a big meaty wizard sleeve myself...

Is it normal for the baby to be breech at 26 weeks and when will she flip upside down like she's supposed to?

Answer Some babies flip at the last minute possible.. like during labor!! at 26 weeks the baby is plenty small enough to move freely about and most likely will turn. Usually it's not a concern unti... Read More »