So, does it spoil my boyfriend if I give him too much sex... ?

Answer well, in an appropriate relationship, you are NOT giving sex to your boyfriend. You are having sex WITH your boyfriend. It is not a one gives and one gets kind of thing. You both need to put some e... Read More »

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Your parents spoil your brother and give you all the work how do you tell them that they are treating us unfairly?

You know, my parents did that all the time. But once you think about it, your brother might be thinking the same way about you. Okay, this used to be my way: whenever my parents made me do the work... Read More »

Does an employer have to give notice of how much FMLA is used& how much is left?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires employers to notify employees of the amount of time that counts against their FMLA leave. Employers must provide employees on intermittent FMLA leav... Read More »

Does perfume spoil?

Perfumes do not spoil, but their fragrance can fade over time. Three to five years is the normal time frame for a fragrance to last. Perfumes in clear bottles may lose their smell faster than those... Read More »

Does chocolate spoil?

For one of my former employers, I was reponsible for pulling outdated chocolate produced by the majors (Hershey, Nestle, Mars, &cetera). Chocolate has a shelf-life of one year from date of product... Read More »