So I was buying condoms and..?

Answer Take it as a compliment and move on. They probably talked to him about it as soon as you walked out the door.

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Nervous about buying condoms?

The person at the drug store wont remember you or care about what you buy, but if you're self conscious just go to a store you don't normally shop at to go get them.

Should you feel embarassed when buying condoms?

No way.... be proud of your decision to protect yourself and your partner! I actually admire men when I see them buying condoms. (but be sure to use them once you buy them!!!!)It doesnt matter what... Read More »

There is hesitation associated with buying condoms in India.What do you think should be done to minimize this?

1. Make them freely available at most public places including public toilets, bus stations, railway stations, prominent dhabas where truck drivers stop, gas stations, neighborhood groceries, malls,... Read More »

When buying a camcorder battery how do i get a good price without buying a potentially explosive iece of junk?

Whether you are buying a "brand named" battery of a "non brand name" battery... A battery is a battery. All batteries are pretty much made in China and all you are paying for is a name... These bil... Read More »