So, I really want to donate to Wikipedia. They have helped me in so many ways...?

Answer If donating money is out of the picture, the easiest and most effective things to donate are a) content and b) time. You could take pictures and upload them to Wikimedia Commons (< http://commons.w... Read More »

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Why most older brothers don't like little sister dating or having a boyfriend while they themselves have as many girlfriends as they want and dated many times - isn't it double standard or hypocrisy?

Teens: Have you ever been really inspired by somebody here or gotten a answer that REALLY helped you?

I've been genuinely touched by the thoughtfulness of so many of my contacts, and am inspired by their creativity, cleverness, knowledge, kindness and wisdom. There have been many times when I've be... Read More »

Do you believe William Knecht really did donate $50 to Wikipedia and is "a professional scientist"?

At Robert S, many of us scientists actually call ourselves scientists, yes we are wrapped up in what we do, but most of us use the term widely because we are interdisciplinary and have broad views.... Read More »

I really want to donate a kidney ...?

You are extremely kind in wanting to donate. You are too young but I know I appreciate your sweet thoughts. I just wanted to also let you know the 2 other posters are wrong (in case when you are ol... Read More »