So I have been bleeding?

Answer Except for the "on and off" part, it could be an internal hemorrhoid, sister gets those when she is training hard (she runs half marathons), and so do other members of my family (ahem)... Read More »

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I have a small cut in my gum that has been bleeding on and off for 5 days and I've been to the hospital twice?

HiTry to avoid brushing the cut as that will cause it to bleed, and avoid hot drinks too.Cuts on gums are a pain to heel, but I have found ulcer medicine good, especially Bongella.If you have a lit... Read More »

My gums have been bleeding when i brush my teeth, this has been happening for about 2 weeks, what do i do?

sounds like gingivitis, you need to see your dentist.

My lip is bleeding because I bit it. It has been bleeding for like 40 minutes-- how do i stop the bleeding./?

You just need to stop messing with it. Dabbing it with tissues over and over only prevents the blood from clotting and the scab forming. I chew my lips too, I would start using ChapStick or Burts B... Read More »

I Have been bleeding from my arm, for an hour.. Is that normal.?

Spreading a petroleum product, like chapstick, or vaseline on something will slow the bleeding a lot, or even stop it... but will often cause scarring.Rubbing alcohol will cause the blood vessels t... Read More »