So I got drunk for the first time yesterday?

Answer Some people don't get hangovers. But it sounds like you are an annoying drunk.

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I got drunk for the first time...?

You haven't done any serious damage but drinking is bad on your liver. The reason you feel bad is because of the alcohol. Is called a hsngover simple as that. You will be fine though when it all cl... Read More »

How old were you the first time you got drunk?

13, cussed out my mum in the front yard, :]....then got grounded.

How do you not overdose on hard liquor (14) first time faded yesterday.?

heyhey i just truned 15 so im basicaly still ur age my first time getting drunk was also when i was 14. u know what i really dont have a answer to ur question but i think ur pretty smart and u know... Read More »

Should I get drunk for the first time Help.?

hell naw u shouldn't drink if u aint that type of person! jus bcuz ur boyfriend wants u to do something dont mean u gotta do it! if u aint comfortable doin that kinda shyt then dont even if u are 1... Read More »