So I got an iphone 4 and my family dont know cuz if i tell their gonna shout eventhough i got it from my money?

Answer The iPhone doesn't have a user removable battery. Are they paying the bills? Unless you've already got Smartphones they're going to see the data plan. Also if this is Verizon they'll see what your... Read More »

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Can you switch ATT cell phones that are under the same plan because you want an iphone but you are not eligable for the cheap upgrade but one of your family members are and they dont want iphone?

Yes, I have done this several times. Basically the way it works is; if any of your phones are eligible for upgrade, they will sell you a new phone with 2-year plan at their current, new phone plan ... Read More »

How do I get stains out of my "whites". Dont say shout it out.?

Oxy-Clean! Man, you should have seen what it got out of my lausry this best on cotton and cotton blends.

I slept with my new boyfriend for the first time yesturday, we didnt use anything (i know, dont shout at me)?

Old and mature enough to have sex, yet too immature to talk about it....pitiful!!!!!!!

Tokio Hotel Family: About people leaving... Is TH Family just gonna be a closed group now :'(?

You are wanted!Please don't take anything anybody here said as that you're not wanted.I accept all new members.If the family get's to be "closed" and not accpeting any new members than whatever.It'... Read More »