So I drank way too much coffee?

Answer sometimes the feeling of puking,maybe the same feeling of a heartburn from too much coffee,heartburn meaning the tingling sensation of a throbbing heart rate,but one must understand how much caffei... Read More »

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What would happen to you if you only drank coffee?

Coffee, if consumed too much, could cause dehydration and if you do that in the long run, you will die

Drank 9 cups of coffee, is this too much?

Hello! No, you cannot die from that, but be careful because if you keep drinking your blood pressure can escalate and possibly cause a heart attack or palpitations. 9 cups of coffee is a lot yeah.... Read More »

Drank coffee can't sleep?

A few options for you, some people report these work, others seem to be immune. It's worth a shot! I've tried the milk and sandwich before and it works for me.- Big glass of milk - A turkey sandwic... Read More »

I drank a big cup of coffee and now I can't stop burping. Help!?