So Hungry since i got my Period!?

Answer The reason for this problem is normal. Some people get it and some don't. Your body automaticly burns more calories when your on your period. The reason you are more hungrey.. is because your body ... Read More »

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If you had unprotected sex 2 days before your period was due you then took norlevo had period a week later but was only light its 3 wks since MAP had brown discharge since then culd you be pregnant?

Yes, it's possible, but if you have a brown discharge you need to see a doctor right away.

Haven't been hungry since I got drunk?

Probably just sick and is unrelated to getting drunk. Or just a wicked hangover and your guts will hate you for a couple more days. Drink PLENTY of water.

If you get spotting two weeks after your period and havent had intercourse since your last period does that mean you are pregnant or have miscarried?

Answer you would know if you miscarried you would bleed extensively, not just spotting. If symptoms persist go to the doctor.

I have had unprotected sex during the past month and have been running to the toilet frequently. till now my period hasn't came. and since i am a 16year old teenager my period delays. am i pregnant?

AnswerEven if you'd used a condom, there would still be a chance you are pregnant. Get a pregnancy test at the drugstore and rethink your decision to have sex at your age. It could really screw ... Read More »