So California is trying to pass a Law that Breast Feeding Mothers get paid breaks to pump breast milk. Opinion?

Answer No, I don't think they should get "paid" breaks. I think extra breaks for a breast feeding mother to pump are fine if she requests it but I don't agree with paid breaks. How many would she need? I ... Read More »

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Leaking breast milk after four months of not breast feeding?

Leaking as in dripping 4 months after you stop nursing is not "normal" and needs a call to your doctor or midwife. Leaking as in droplets seen on your nipple or felt on on your bra, especially if t... Read More »

Do you think women should have to work overtime to cover breast feeding breaks?

If a single father drove home to bottle feed his son/daughter he would be expected to work overtime to make up for it. I think it would be sexist to shy away from asking her to do the workload she ... Read More »

A Question To Mothers Who Breast Feed And to anyone else who wants to state their opinion?

I saw which question you're referring to and yes, sometimes people can be a bit harsh, but that's what this site is for...even annoying opinions...I'm so glad for women who breastfeed...that's grea... Read More »

What are the Advantages of feeding a baby on breast milk?

Just about everything! Mother's milk is the perfect food. It is always sterile, at the right temperature, is much more nutritious than any substitute, and helps build the baby's immune system and... Read More »