So 1000 cals a day is starving =| ?

Answer It's bad. 1. You don't seem to need to lose weight, 2. after the four weeks you will put the weight back on.There is a separate section for questions like this - Health / Diet & Fitness.

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How many cals to eat?

Use a calorie caculator…

If you want to lose a lb a week how many cals should you eat?

The bare minimum you should consume would be 1200 cal a day. Anything below that amount will send your body into starvation mode and your metabolism will slow way down. However, since you are burni... Read More »

How much can I lose with eating 400 cals a day?

Let's say you eat alot right now. If tomorrow, you began eating 400 calories a day - you would lose weight. Unfortunately your metabolism will slow down causing you to lose nothing and you won't be... Read More »

How many cals in a teaspoon of smooth peanut butter (w no sugar)?