Sniff...* sniff...* ... whats the best cure for a cold... sniff...* ?

Answer Honey and lemon always works or me, hope you feel better soon

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Sniff sniff. How many lives will now be ruined b/c Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be breaking up :(?

Ok, so first of all forgive me for this Scooter, you and I both know that celebrity lives are annoying and we really don't care...butSo, Brad Pitt and Angelina have made it public without meaning t... Read More »

How to Sniff Packets?

Packet sniffing is used to monitor packets traveling across a network. Packet sniffing software -- often called network monitoring software -- allows a user to see each byte of information that pas... Read More »

Do have any "scratch and sniff" .....?

For the right person, anything I have is open for sratch n sniff.

How to Train a Dog to Sniff Out Drugs?

It is thought that dogs get just as much information from scent as humans do from vision. Dogs can be trained to detect one particular scent from the millions that abound in the air. Dogs who do th... Read More »