Sneezing & Cat Litter?

Answer Sneezing around cat litter isn't unusual for humans or their feline companions. Pouring kitty litter puts a lot of dust into the air that can irritate noses and lead to sneezing. Scooping the kitty... Read More »

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What kind of cat litter can you use as a rabbit litter substitute?

On One Hand: Organic and Natural Cat LittersThe best cat litters to use for your rabbits are all natural or organic litters, such as those made from paper, citrus or alfalfa. Avoid litters made fro... Read More »

What are the causes of dog sneezing?

Occasional sneezing and coughing in canines is considered relatively normal. Chronic or repeated episodes of sneezing, however, have a variety of possible causes, some of which can be quite serious... Read More »

What could it mean when a cat is sneezing?

Cats sneeze for a variety of reasons. If a cat sneezes only occasionally, there may not be a serious underlying health condition. In these cases, cat sneezing is simply part of a healthy respirator... Read More »

Why is my cat sneezing constantly?

It can be cute when your cat sneezes--once or twice. But if he can't seem to stop sneezing, it could be a symptom of something serious, and you should seek a veterinarian's advice.InfectionsInfecti... Read More »