Snapped a termite infested palm tree at school?

Answer Forget the termites, they may be just grass-eater type and no threat to anyone. Palms don't ever grow back like trees can. Go for the 'rough game' defence, say the palm wasn't expected to break and... Read More »

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Do Japanese beetles kill a tree after they have infested it?

Japanese Beetles can kill young trees, but they usually only cause severe damage to the leaves. Adult beetles feed on leaves and flowers, while beetles in their grub stage feed on roots under the ... Read More »

Is the West African raffia palm tree used for palm wine?

The raffia palm (Raphia hookeri), also known as the Ivory Coast raffia palm or the wine palm, is one of a species of palms of the genus Raphia. Native to West Africa, the raffia palm provides vario... Read More »

Can a termite move a rubber tree plant?

Termites are too small to move a rubber tree plant. A single termite is only a half-inch to an inch long, on average. Termites, which live in colonies and eat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, can... Read More »

Is there a difference between termite bond&termite protection plan?

There is no difference between a termite bond and termite protection plan. They can be purchased from exterminators and act as insurance policies against future infestation. Homeowners should be ca... Read More »