Snap-in Tools for Windows MMC?

Answer Microsoft Management Consoles, or MMCs, first appeared with the introduction of the Windows 2000 operating system, or OS. An MMC is a windows-based console consisting of a pane split vertically. Yo... Read More »

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Windows MS-DOS Tools?

DOS, which stands for Disk Operating System, was the original basic operating system that controlled the early IBM-compatible computers. Many DOS functions have been adapted into Windows tools, som... Read More »

Windows 7 Ad Tools?

When new operating systems come out, they often come with a set of new features. With the recent release of Windows 7, the included administrator tools are currently the most advanced that Microsof... Read More »

Windows Patch Tools?

Microsoft Windows operating system maintenance is a major responsibility of the Windows system administrator. General system updates are provided online through Windows update. On the second Tuesda... Read More »

Windows X64 Debugging Tools?

Computer debugging tools are used by professional users to figure out why a computer program or an operating system has crashed. Program designers usually use debugger tools to sort out conflicts b... Read More »