Snake Tattoo Ideas?

Answer Snakes make excellent tattoo subjects. With their fangs, forked tongues and huge variety of colors and patterns, even the pickiest person can find a snake that suits her. Whether you are a herpetol... Read More »

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Who has a snake tattoo on the lying game?

How to Tell the Difference Between a King Snake and a Coral Snake?

Want to know how to tell the difference between a venomous coral snake and a nonvenomous look-alike called the scarlet king snake? If you live in North America, this article will help you work out ... Read More »

What snake is the mimic of the king cobra snake?

Snakes of the species Malpolon moilensis are more commonly known as false cobras. Although they are unrelated to cobras, the false cobra will produce a hissing noise and spread its neck in a cobra-... Read More »

Hip Tattoo Ideas?

Tattoos can be a form of autobiography that the owner is sharing with the outside world. The images a person decides to place on her body are often of great significance to her and speak to her per... Read More »