Smosh Facts please!!!?

Answer I know so much it's unbelievable.Anthony's dad is in 'Toy airplane' at the end, the latino looking man.His mum is in 'A day in the life of smosh' when she opens the door.Ian's dad is the food battl... Read More »

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HIV facts, please answer!?

1) Can they? Yes, theoretically. Will they? No. Have they? No. It's never happened in the history of HIV and there are no studies done on the subject to determine what exactly the odds are of this ... Read More »

Please help !! Cancer facts !?

None of that makes sense….what is the “colon cancer hit”?18>60 years does not mean between the two ages as the stated in your sentence. There is no such thing as “throat cancer” and ever ... Read More »


Yes!!!! Smosh plays Slendytubbies and Smosh plays Kindctimals are my favourite!

TH fans/family only, please: List ten random facts about you..?

Alright lets see:1-Right Handed.2-Favourite colors are Pink and Black.3- Love reading and listening to music.4-My favourite drink is diet coke or pepsi.5-Hate cold weather.6-Have to straighten my h... Read More »