Smosh Facts please!!!?

Answer I know so much it's unbelievable.Anthony's dad is in 'Toy airplane' at the end, the latino looking man.His mum is in 'A day in the life of smosh' when she opens the door.Ian's dad is the food battl... Read More »

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Tell me everything you know about smosh.?

it has 5 letters in it's name, i wasted 10 second typing about it


Yes!!!! Smosh plays Slendytubbies and Smosh plays Kindctimals are my favourite!

Which is the best smosh video ever for you?

My favourites are Real Death Note, the "If _____ Were Real" series, the Legend of Zelda Rap, and the Ultimate Assassin's Creed III Song.I think, overall, my favourite is the Zelda rap.

How many youtube channels do smosh have?

SmoshGames, Ianh, Anthony Padilla, Shutupcartoons, superheadesploderx, Smosh, Elsmosh (and also, the smosh games crew have their own channels. Lasercorn, Sohinki, and Jovenshire)