Smoking pot or drinking which is better?

Answer Bamma say imagine a fancy dinner party where everyone smokes a bong. Bamma say how that better than alcohol. Bamma say try give a toast with a glass pipe. Bamma say oops there goes your load. Bamma... Read More »

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Smoking/drinking at 14?

I do not think it is ok. And before you think I'm some stupid adult I'm not am a 17 year old girl. Drinking and smoking is addictive and dangerous, people you love start not trust you, at some poin... Read More »

Is smoking worse than drinking?

On One Hand: Smoking RisksThe Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that smokers are at increased risk of developing serious health complications, such as cancer, strokes and coronary a... Read More »

How to Stop Smoking and Drinking?

So you want to quit smoking and drinking? This article will offer some tips to accomplish this.

What is worse smoking or drinking?

^^^^wrong.Alcohol kills ur brain cells, they never repair. It also doesnt get metabolised and exit the body, its a poison, so it collects in ur brain and all major organs with each drink u have.And... Read More »