Smoking in a pipe like this?

Answer No that's not a meth pipe, and there's a completely different method in smoking meth (very different from weed). As I answered on your other identical question, YES you can smoke weed from that pip... Read More »

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Pipe smoking green tea?

Why are you trying to smoke green tea? That's unusual. But anyway you's use a lighter like any other pipe and tobacco..

Pipe Smoking Hazards?

The symbolism behind pipes is one of sophistication and refinement, making it seem more acceptable than cigarettes or tobacco chewing, according to Drs. Michael B. Steinberg and Cristine D. Delnevo... Read More »

How to Build a Smoking Pipe?

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How to Make a Metal Smoking Pipe?

Old man with his metal smoking pipe!This is how to make a durable smoking pipe out of lamp parts for legal substances.