Smoking cig question...?

Answer Addiction to cigarettes is part chemical, part physical. If your body chemically is not telling you that a cigarette is needed, but outside forces like stress tell you it is; it stands to reason t... Read More »

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Smoking question.......?

I smoked for a long time and I finally quit. Here is how I did it. I went back to live with my father when my mom passed away. I began to help clean up the house, and noticed how EVERYTHING reeked ... Read More »

Smoking question?

My first days of quitting smoking were really tough. Although I had a very good stimulus to quit. i'm actually allergic to nicotin and I causes my heart to behave irratically.But that aside a good... Read More »

Smoking weed question...?

aluminum...bad idea...been there, done that (long,long ago...)better idea...use an apple or a potato (or another consumable or similar size and consistency)...go to 'Google' and type in, "apple pip... Read More »

Question about quitting smoking?

Gum, pez, or nicotine gum. Pez work really well.