Smoking 5 packs of cigerettes a week. ?

Answer Terrible. I think http://stopsmoking-a-new-approach.blogsp… may help you.

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What happens when you quit smoking cigerettes?

Nicotine is highly addictive. Though quitting is profoundly good for your health, once someone is hooked, quitting brings with it serious symptoms of withdrawal.IrritabilityAnxiety and irritability... Read More »

What is (truely) the best way to stop smoking cigerettes?

Kirk Douglas, on a talk show, described how his father quit. He looked at the lit cigarette and asked, " Who is stronger here, you or me?" Then he ground out the butt and never had another. I qu... Read More »

Stomach pains whilst smoking cigerettes and after?

I guess you are experiencing stomach cramps. It may be because of smoking. The fag drys away the inner wall. Drink lots of water before you smoke. I guess this wil help.

Does smoking one cigarette a day affect you as much as smoking like 2 packs a day?