Smoking 15 but prego please please answer?

Answer Don't smoke while you're pregnant!!! I would recommend the nicotine gum because it takes care of the addiction, with out the health hazards. You answered my question so I answered yours :)

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Giving up smoking please answer?

tapering down and nicotine replacement just prolong ur addiction, u dont need that, and u dont need the zombie pills so ignore that bit of advice.U have decided u want to quit, u know it. And thats... Read More »

Has anyone the answer to giving up smoking which actually works long term?

The only sure way is willpower. There is Zyban of course but if you suffer from even mild epilepsy this can be lethal. There are patches, gums, herbal cigarettes, Hypnosis, Acupuncture and tese are... Read More »

What does prego mean?

Prego is an Italian word that has several different connotations. The meanings include: "don't mention it," "you're welcome," "not at all," "after you" and "please sit down." It is considered both ... Read More »

Can pre-ejaculation get you prego?