Smoking 15 but prego please please answer?

Answer Don't smoke while you're pregnant!!! I would recommend the nicotine gum because it takes care of the addiction, with out the health hazards. You answered my question so I answered yours :)

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I think I am going to get my hair cut but I have a question!! PLEASE ANSWER PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?

Bangs can sometime be annoying.If you keep your hair down a lot then bangs are good for you.There are many types of banfs side bags,side swept,and straight cut.Go on and you can up... Read More »

PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER! Any way to make my toenails squared please help easy 10 points?

Fill them into the shape you want, or start getting pedicures. Pedicures are amazing and afordable and they paint them at the end as well. Honestly, one day you'll realize no one notices the flaws ... Read More »

Giving up smoking please answer?

tapering down and nicotine replacement just prolong ur addiction, u dont need that, and u dont need the zombie pills so ignore that bit of advice.U have decided u want to quit, u know it. And thats... Read More »

Please please please answer this with your TRUTHFUL opinions! :)?

I am not involved in your treatment and based on this sketchy information it's hard to say, but the pacemaker and/or medication is usually the best way to go in this situation. Surgery should only ... Read More »