Smoke coming out of my television?

Answer A small quantity of smoke from a burned TV component is not going to be harmful, assuming no one has deliberately inhaled a huge volume of it.If there's any real concern in your experience, it's th... Read More »

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Smoke is coming out my mouth?

Oh no!!I've heard of these cases before.I think you might be turning into a dragon.

My pc was smoking(smoke coming out now its not switching on)?

My mom is coming to visit me, how do I get the smoke smell out?

ok i am a pro for this clean your house spotless use clorox bleach cleaner for your sinks and for the bathroom and counter tops, mop your floor with lysol cleaner. after the house is totally clean... Read More »

Lawnmower with white smoke coming out...?

Sounds like you could be burning oil. Double check the owners manual to make sure you have the right fuel and that all your fluid levels are right.