Smoke came out of my laptop?

Answer if you're lucky then it's one of the fans that's failed don't turn it on again in case it's the cpu fan turning on the laptop could over heat the cpu and damage it you need to take it down to a loc... Read More »

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Why would my laptop smoke?

What Would Cause a Laptop to Smoke?

Your laptop computer is sealed at the factory and has very few moving parts. Why would a laptop suddenly begin to emit smoke? Regardless of the reason, you should not open the laptop or try to repa... Read More »

How to Keep Your Clothes from Smelling of Smoke When Your Parents Smoke?

Are you tired of your clothes smelling like smoke because your parents smoke?

Does cigarette smoke activate a smoke detector?

Contrary to popular belief, a smoke detector is not normally activated by cigarette smoke unless it is highly concentrated; the smoke usually has to come from many smokers simultaneously or be blow... Read More »