Smart Board & Literature Activities?

Answer The Smart Board is an interactive educational tool, and the study of literature is commonly a passive task, making merging the two an effective teaching strategy. By integrating the Smart Board int... Read More »

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Activities for Smart Senses With a Smart Board?

Children learn about their five senses early on in their elementary education careers. To reinforce the concepts taught in class, teachers and young students can benefit from using Smart Board acti... Read More »

What are Smart Board Activities for Fractions?

For some students in grades 3, 4 and 5, fractions may be a source of frustration. The Smart Board may be the solution to fractional meltdowns. The Smart Board is an interactive electronic white boa... Read More »

Valentine's SMART Board Activities?

SMART Boards have replaced chalkboards and whiteboards in classrooms all over the world. Unlike chalkboards, the new boards are clean and leave no dusty residue behind. Depending on the design, som... Read More »

SMART Board Activities for Fifth Grade?

In classrooms across the United States, chalk boards are being replaced with SMART boards---interactive computer teaching devices. These SMART boards have a variety of capabilities and teachers are... Read More »