Small red light in window facing my apt. building?

Answer Camera or an infer-red light mounted on a gun.Those are the only 2 things that come to mind. I would get law enforcement to check it out.

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Does renters insurance cover a window mounted air conditioner that fell out of the window and damaged the building?

It might. there might be some argument if the company is picky over the installation of it. If it was there when you moved in the building owner has to deal with it.

Which is safest front facing or rear facing car seat?

front facing because if the seat is the wrong way how can you see out the window

At what age should may a rear facing seat be placed facing forward? Please keep the child rear-facing for as long as possible (according to the limits of your particular seat).

Instructions for Building a Window Seat?

Building a window seat is a way to enhance the overall look and feel of a room. They provide additional storage, built-in seating and architectural definition. Building a window seat can be accompl... Read More »