Small cut on foot keeps bleeding on and off?

Answer Hi there! Don't worry, you're not and idiot! lol. You know, a doctor can remove a wart very simply and quickly in his office? You must check into this. Doing it your way helps temporarily bu... Read More »

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How much Clorox should you put in your small 10 foot by 2 foot deep blow up pool?

You got your periods last 6th Sept but not normal bleeding Normal bleeding started after 2 days and this month again you got your periods on 6th Oct but small dot till date it means Pregnancy is ther?

Answer You may be pregnant. See your doctor for a blood test.

I cut my foot on something metal (dont kno what it is). It's really deep and keeps bleeding.ER or not?

If it is deep you will need stitches. If you do not go it will take a long time to heal and will be very sore and there could be complications also. You may need a tetanus shot also.

Why won't a really small cut on my arm stop bleeding?

You do not leave the cut alonethe cut is in a place where there is constant movement so a clot has difficulty in formingYou are taking medicines that "thin" the blood so it does not clotYou have Ha... Read More »