Small cut on foot keeps bleeding on and off?

Answer Hi there! Don't worry, you're not and idiot! lol. You know, a doctor can remove a wart very simply and quickly in his office? You must check into this. Doing it your way helps temporarily bu... Read More »

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I cut my foot on something metal (dont kno what it is). It's really deep and keeps bleeding.ER or not?

If it is deep you will need stitches. If you do not go it will take a long time to heal and will be very sore and there could be complications also. You may need a tetanus shot also.

How much Clorox should you put in your small 10 foot by 2 foot deep blow up pool?

My ear piercing keeps bleeding :'(?

My left ear was also doing the same , get Plastic Tapers ! Plastic Plastic Plastic , it won't get infected (:

Nose Keeps Bleeding?

If you are not getting enough vitamin C, you can have frequent nose bleeds as well as your gums bleeding. If you think you are getting enough of this vitamin, it may simply be too dry. They make a ... Read More »